Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Much has been going on as we endeavor to get this project off the ground as soon as school starts in September.

Remember to use as your search engine of choice. Use it like any other search engine (Google, Yaoo, etc.) Just be sure to type in Housatonic Valley Regional High School in the "Who Do You Good Search For?" box. we receive a penny for each search completed in our name. The funds raised will be part of our "Walk Ten Miles In Her Shoes" fundraiser. Many African women and young girls must walk up to 10 miles each day to get potable water for their families ... 84,400 pennies equals 10 miles! A school our size will certainly make that many searches int he course of a school year!

Mike DeMazza has been asked to make a presentation to the new Student Leadership Council on August 13 and, possibly (hopefully!) to the incoming freshman class at Frehsman Orientation late in August. Any faculty members interested in joining him at those events should contact Mike at

We have been matched with three Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) who are working on water projects in Africa - one in The Gambia, one in Madagascar and one in Senegal. We are in contact with those PCVs and will determine which one (or possibly two) we can best help with our efforts.

Additionally, the Peace Corps "World Wise Schools" program - through which contact witht the PCVs was established - has sent us a wide variety of materials for use in Social Studies, Science and other classroom settings.

Finally (for now!), be sure to check the posts made in June and July. Each explains the problems the continent of Africa faces regarding fresh water, what we hope to accomplish and the ways in which fresh water can be made more available to those in need.

Thank you for your interest in and attention to this project! Together there is so much positive change that we will be able to effect.

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